How I get started?
Call 419-872-0619 and make an appointment. We answer the phones from 9-5 Monday through Thursday. The office is closed on Friday, however, you may leave a message.  Please download and complete the Patient Information and New Patient History forms provided in the Form section of this website prior to your first visit and bring them with you at your first visit.
Directions to our office can be obtained by links provided in the Directions section of this website.


What will my first appointment be like?
We will start with an hour-long initial evaluation to take a history, explore the present and define your goals.  We will make a plan to achieve those goals and begin to implement that plan.  If your situation is very acute, long-standing or complicated this process may take two sessions.  Completing the Patient Information and New Patient History forms in advance will help.

Do you see adults and children in your practice?
We are glad to provide services to both adults and children, usually above the age of 12.  Family meetings may involve younger children.  When the focus of treatment is a child below the age of 12 we will usually refer to to a child therapy specialist.


Which clinician is the right one for me?
If, in your self-assessment you feel that medication might be beneficial, you may wish to set your initial appointment with our psychiatrist, Charles S. Burke M.D..  Dr. Burke is boarded in adult psychiatry and adolescent psychiatry.  If you are primarily looking for individual, family or marital counseling you may choose to begin treatment with one of our three licensed clinical counselor's.  Whatever your choice, the clinicians and staff will work together to help you achieve your goals in a timely and professional manner.


Do you take my insurance?
We take many insurances and will file your paperwork for you collecting co-pays on the day of service.  Those of you who have insurance where we are not on panel very often have "out-of-network benefits" that will reimburse you more generously than you may be aware of.  We will provide you with the paperwork for you to file.  All you will need to provide is the signature and the stamp.  Your insurance will write the check directly to you.  Your healthcare organization often administers mental-health coverage separately.  Prior to your first appointment our staff will verify your coverage so that you are fully aware of your choices before you incur any financial responsibility.


How long does it take to get an appointment?
We are good at what we do.  Our clients feel better and they achieve their goals and move forward in their lives with greater confidence and an ability.  This frees the schedule for others to begin treatment.  It would be unusual for you to have to wait more than two weeks for an initial appointment.  Please let the staff know if there is urgency.  Emergencies are always handled individually.  You may also ask to be put on our waiting list and "fly standby".


Will I get an appointment reminder?
We will call you the business day before your appointment to remind you of the appointment.  This is done as a courtesy and should not be considered our responsibility to remind you of your appointment.  If you are not available, we may leave a message on your answering machine. If you do not wish us to call, you may note this when you are first seen.


What if I miss an appointment?
Appointment times are reserved for you and you only.  If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment we expect you to contact our office as soon as possible to reschedule.  For any cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the appointment, you will be charged, as this time has also been denied to any other patient.  You can call the office after hours and will get the message, timed and dated, from the answering machine.  Your insurance company will not pay for missed appointments.  Missed appointments are your responsibility. 


Will information in treatment be kept confidential?
We will not discuss information about you or your child with others without your consent, except as required by law.


What if hospitalization is needed?
If hospitalization is needed to you may choose a facility that you wish to go to.  We do not provide inpatient treatment.  We will be glad to coordinate care with your hospital care providers.

How do I know if my treatment is working?
Treatment should involve steady progress toward your desired goals. We expect active discussions between patient and therapist to ensure that these goals are met.

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