Choosing a mental-health provider
Finding a mental-health provider or changing mental-health providers due to changes in location or insurance coverage can be difficult.  Our administrative staff will be glad to help you decide which of our therapists would be best to address your specific concerns.  We will often work collaboratively, taking a team approach to ensure that you are provided the best personal care.  The therapist that you choose to work with should be an individual that inspires hope from the first meeting.  Following this, we expect there to be steady progress.  There are many possible solutions to problems.  We will work with you finding what is best for you.


The importance of diagnosis
We believe that the diagnoses should always be discussed openly with the individual requesting services.  Our treatment is always a coordinated effort between the therapist and patient.  There are many treatments that may be utilized to attain desired goals.  Our recommendations are based on knowledge and experience as to which treatments are the most highly effective for each diagnoses.  At InnerView Behavioral Care our focus is not on research and experimentation, it is on providing proven methods of treatments to resolve specific emotional problems.  It is important to realize that no individual is an illness.  Nobody is "schizophrenic", although some people happen to suffer from this illness.  The danger in identifying a person as an illness is that this constricts one's ability to see potential solutions.  This also supports prejudicial attitudes.  We support the individual in overcoming whatever problems they may happen to experience.


Comprehensive evaluation
A comprehensive evaluation usually begins with an individual session with a therapist lasting between 45 to 60 minutes.  The therapist will assess the nature of the problem that brings the patient to treatment, obtain a detailed personal history, and perform a current mental status evaluation.  Other evaluations such as gaining history from other individuals, medical records, psychological testing, physical evaluation, laboratory testing, and other consultations may be considered.  Prior consent will be obtained before any contacts are made.


Evaluation for considering treatment
The majority of our evaluation are performed for individuals who wish treatment.  Diagnosis and treatment choices will be fully discussed with the individual prior to making any agreements regarding treatment.  The individual receiving treatment always has the final say in this treatment plan.


Evaluation for a second opinion
If the purpose of the evaluation is to provide a second opinion for an individual who is already in treatment with another health care professional, diagnosis and treatment options will be discussed with the patient.  A report of the evaluation including history, observations, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations will be sent to the requesting professional.  The treatment plan will be finalized between this treatment professional and the individual being evaluated.


Independent evaluation
An independent evaluation is performed at the request of a government or private agency in order to determine fitness for duty, appropriateness of treatment, or the emotional status of an individual for some other purpose.  This may include evaluations for court/legal entities and may involve reports be sent to the requesting agencies.  Appropriate confidentiality of these records will always be maintained.  The additional expense involved in these evaluations and any other special considerations will be discussed with the individual prior to beginning the evaluation.  Any variations from the usual confidentiality standards will also be discussed with the individual in advance.


Psychotherapy is designed to help people understand and resolve problems, change behavior, and make positive changes in their lives.  It is through psychotherapy that individuals can develop and maintain skills.  This helps them overcome problems and to reach their desired goals.  There are many specific types of psychotherapy, some of which will be discussed below.  We strive to recommend psychotherapy that will efficiently resolve current problems.  This will lead to the development of coping skills that will be beneficial when future problems present themselves.  The frequency of visits in psychotherapy may vary.  Psychotherapy usually requires weekly visits for the best results.  Sessions may be held more than once a week, or may be as infrequent as once a month.  All of this will be discussed prior to beginning any plan of treatment.


Medication management
Medications can be helpful for many emotional conditions.  Dr. Burke will be glad to discuss medication possibilities and develop a treatment plan in which medication can benefit the overall treatment.  Meetings to discuss medication issues are always 20 to 30 minutes long.  If medications are being adjusted Dr. Burke will meet with you once a month.  Once stability is attained, medication treatment may only require meeting two to four times per year.

It is important to consider medication as a "tool" which is useful, however, it is usually combined with the skills gained in psychotherapy for best results.  There should be no undesired effects of medication treatment.  Medication should do what it is supposed to do. Dr. Burke is available to resolve any problems if these standards are not met.

As you have probably noticed, there can be substantial differences in the effectiveness of brand name medication versus generic medication.  Medical research does not study these differences.  We rely on professional experience to guide our treatment recommendations.  We will always attempt to recommend the most cost effective treatment, as long as quality is not compromised.

Many insurance programs require that prescriptions be "preauthorized" by the physician.  This extremely time consuming process usually results in significant delays and treatment denial.  Dr. Burke will only participate" preauthorization" if the insurance company physician calls him personally.

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