Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy
Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy uses active involvement between patient and therapist to help change negative thinking and focus on today.  If a person assumes "unless I do everything perfectly, I'm a failure", they may respond to their situation as best they can, and still consider themselves inadequate.  Correcting unhealthy assumptions can lead to dramatic improvements in mood and behavior.  Frequently, short-term cognitive behavioral therapy leads to lasting benefits.


Couples therapy
Couples therapy helps people overcome problems with relationships, communication, maladaptive behavior, and to encourage personality growth and development.  This helps couples reconcile and better manage troublesome differences in repeating patterns of discord. There are many approaches to couples therapy.  These may involve meeting with the individuals, meeting with the couple, and may involve meeting with other individuals involved in the relationship as well.


Family therapy
Family therapy usually begins after an individual evaluation. Often, this proves to be the most powerful treatment.  The goal of this approach is to nurture change and development that can be used effectively to approach a wide range of problems.  This treatment may include any and all individuals considered to be family.  Impressive results can be gained in a short period of time.  This is frequently the preferred approach when the identified patient is an adolescent.


Group therapy
Group therapy can involve a wide range of therapeutic methods to help individuals whose primary problems are relating to others.  These problematic relationships are re-created in a group setting and individuals have a chance to test methods of resolving difficulties in a secure and supportive environment.


Clinical hypnosis
Clinical hypnotherapy can help modify a person's behavior, emotions, and attitude.  This can help a wide range of stress, behavior or pain related problems.  All hypnosis is self hypnosis and, with the help of a therapist, individuals can better attain their goals.


Grief and trauma counseling
Loss and grief are inevitable in one's life.  Everyone expresses grief in a personal way.  When needed support is unavailable, counseling may provide an avenue for healthy resolution.  At times expressions of grief are delayed by having to deal with immediate issues.  Often, these issues resurface later as a focus of therapy.


Sexuality issues
Sexuality is a big part of being human.  Love, affection and sexual intimacy all play a role in healthy relationships.  They also contribute to your sense of well-being.  Our therapists have extensive training and experience in the areas of sexual orientation, gender dysphoria, and transgender issues.  They provide referrals for additional medical consultation when needed.


Issues of HIV/AIDS
Our clinicians incorporate a process of empowerment for persons with HIV.  Counseling is a process that can insurer passing on correct information, providing support at time of crisis, and encouraging change when required.  We help individuals identify immediate and long-term needs.


Substance abuse/dependence issues
We will assist individuals dealing with a wide variety of substance abuse problems, taking a holistic approach helping the individual attain their desired life goals.  Treatment often involves a combination of psychotherapy, medication management, and referral to supportive groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous.


Industrial consultation/crisis intervention
There are often situations arising in the work place, which benefit from mental-health consultation.  Dealing with workplace stressors, career choices and changes as well as evaluating employee safety are issues that often come to our attention.  Our experienced counselors can provide prompt resolution to emergency situations.


Psychological testing
Psychological testing designed to measure a person’s thinking, personality and mental functioning. It is helpful in determining a correct diagnosis and focus of treatment.  We have a variety of assessment instruments available to assist our clinicians in achieving optimal treatment.  Our clinicians are specifically trained in the administration and interpretation of a variety of standardized psychological tests.


Parenting, step-parenting, adoption issues
Constant changes in our society require that parents and grandparents be able to create healthy families from many nontraditional realities. Professional counseling can ease this process, resulting in better relationships for all. We will also be glad to help with any psychological evaluations required by government entities.


Spirituality issues
Spiritual beliefs are a major part of what makes us who we are. As mental health professionals, we are always aware of spirituality issues in our patients’ lives and sensitive to our patients’ beliefs. We may collaborate with an individual’s pastoral counselor in order to provide effective personal care.

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